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An Incredibly Fun Outdoor Party Game

If you have been to an adult party, you have probably played a drinking game. With so many fun party games out there, your possibilities for having fun are endless. If you are lucky enough to have attended college, you most likely have played the game of flip cup. This is one of the most popular drinking games out there and can both been see at parties across the world. This post will provide some information on this incredibly fun outdoor party game.

One of the biggest drinking game at colleges everywhere is flip cup. It is easy to set up, gets you drunk quickly and is perfect for a big group of people. Requiring both skill and concentration, flip cup creates a very exciting environment. It can even be as much fun to watch as it is to play. If you have never played, what are you waiting for?

Setting up the game is easy. All you need is a plastic cup for each player, a table and of course, beer. Typically, the game is played on an official beer pong table, as regulation beer pong table dimensions are perfect for the game of flip cup. If you don't have your own pong table, you can play on any other flat surface. To start, two teams of equal players stand facing one another on opposite sides of a table. Each player will ultimately have an opponent facing them. Each cup will be filled about a quarter full with beer. Due to the nature of the game, you don't want to fill the cup all the way up or it could be real problematic!

At the beginning of the game, the first person on each team will chug their beer. When their cup is empty they will place the cup on the edge of the table, facing up. The goal is to be the first to flip your cup over and have it land on the table. This can be achieved by flicking or tapping the bottom of the cup so the cup flips and lands on upside down. If the cup doesn't land on the mouth of the cup, the player must reset the cup and try again until they are successful.

Once the first player has flipped their cup, play moves on to the second player who must then chug their beer and flip their cup. Play continues this way until all the players on one team have emptied and flipped their cups. The team to finish first will be the winning team. This is why it is important to choose the best players for your team. You need to have people who can chug beer and flip a cup properly.

Flip cup can be a very fun game to play and watch, but no one wants to be held back by someone because they are a lousy flipper. So, if you thinking about getting a game together, make sure you choose wisely and try to build the best team. These are just some of the good tips you can use to start enjoying this fantastic party game.


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