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Spring Break At Copper Canyon

Spring Break is one of the most highly anticipated vacation times of the year. Most travelers flock to tropical beaches and Caribbean islands in search of the perfect weather and awesome activities. One of the lesser known locations that is ideal for the upcoming season is Copper Canyon, Mexico. This location boasts a wide variety of entertainment like guided tours, train rides, hot springs, waterfalls, lakes, nature hikes, and much more.

Spring in Copper Canyon, at an elevation of eight-thousand feet, offers crisp morning air that warms throughout the day to a comfortable temperature. This makes the location absolutely perfect for all types of outdoor activities. The area is divided into two distinct climate zones, one considered alpine and the other sub-tropical.

The alpine zone extends into the highlands, which has mild temperature levels between April and October. This means that its winter chill will be ending just in time for a nice spring vacation. The sub-tropical environment is also ideal during the spring season. During the months of May, June and July, this region becomes uncomfortably hot and damp, so spring is the perfect time to visit. Springtime travelers will experience less extreme weather, allowing them to enjoy this amazing destination.

Because the weather is so perfect, Spring Breakers flock from all over to party like crazy each year. It is not too difficult of a place to get to and a variety of travel agencies offer great packages, so it is very easy for college students to plan a trip to the Canyon. Better yet, it is not nearly as expensive as some of the more popular destinations out there.

Once there, students enjoy all of the normal Spring Break activities. Many love to just lounge on the beautiful beaches and soak up the warm sun. Others like to party, drink alcohol and play corn hole, Kanjam and other fun beach party games. For those who do not like to drink excessive amounts of alcohol and dont enjoy the party scene during the day, there are a lot of excursions available as well.

One of the most remarkable ways to witness the true scale of the canyons beauty is to enjoy a round trip train ride across the land. Other options for exploring the countryside are horseback riding, hiking and guided tours. This is also the ideal place to explore oversized plants and exotic wildlife. Who knows, you may even catch a glimpse of the semi-nomadic tribes who still live in the wild.

So, if you are still on the fence about where you and your friends are going to go for the next Spring Break trip, you should definitely consider Copper Canyon. It is adventurous, perfect for the physically active and can appeal to any tourist. With plenty of nature to explore and ideal conditions for beach partying and drinking games, it promises to be a trip unlike any other.


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